Pricing and Marketing Analytics - Key to Organization growth engine

Pricing is one of the crucial components that drive an organization's revenue and helps determine prfitability. Some of the top organizations especially Amazon take advantage of the dynamic pricing based on customer demand and behavior. You may have even noticed that companies like Uber, Careem charge higher prices during peak time, these prices are modeled according to the algorithm which manages supply and demand.

Market Basket Analysis - Key to Retail Growth Engine

These statistics reveal that by 2023 e-commerce sales will reach 6.5 trillion dollars. Not only E-Commerce but also we see a rise in retail transactions at Point of Sale terminals. Given this market size, it is vital to utilize retail transactional data to innovate in new areas.

Natural Language Understanding - Core Component of Conversational Agent

We are living in an era where messaging apps deal with all sorts of our daily activities, and in fact, these apps have already overtaken social networks as can be indicated in the BI Intelligence Report.

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